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Electric Scooter Accessories

  • Grefay electric scooter phone holder

    Grefay electric scooter phone holder

    Safe and Firm: The bracket has four nylon support angles. These ensure that your mobile phone is firmly fixed to your electric scooter. whilst also preventing your mobile phone from getting scratched. Easy Installation: No tools are required, it can be easily installed on any electric scooter handlebar. Simply locate and lock the nut. 360°…

  • Lamicall Electric scooter phone holder

    Lamicall Electric scooter phone holder

    Quick Release Fixed Clamp The BP07 Lamicall Electric scooter phone holder is known for the upgraded quick-release clamp. No tools are required. It also installs much faster than traditional types. You can press the button to open the fixed clamp and mount it on the handlebar. Finally, tighten the hand screw and go to enjoy…

  • Mohard Electric scooter phone holder

    Mohard Electric scooter phone holder

    Powerful Secure Lock This bike phone holder with a unique safe switch that can lock the clamp, and grips on each corner of your phone. Ensure super stability, no matter how bumpy the road conditions are. Silicone Protection-Scratch Resistant Featuring four non-slip silicone cushions and a silicone pad on the back that completely wrap your…

  • Thousand Scooter Helmet

    Thousand Scooter Helmet

    A helmet you want to wear The Thousand Scooter Helmet is the first ever stylish helmet to keep people who scoot safe, while expressing their personal style. A functional and lightweight helmet that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety. Lock your helmet with your bike Our PopLock is the most convenient way to leave your bicycle…

  • Vestigia Kickstand Rubber Cover

    Vestigia Kickstand Rubber Cover

    These rubber covers help protect the scooter when you’re using the kickstand outdoors. They stop the metal from rubbing against the floor when the kickstand is down and prevents unnecessary wear in the kickstand. This t also works well for protecting the floors inside your home as the kickstand can scratch the floor if you’re…

  • CHICLEW Electric Scooter Bag

    CHICLEW Electric Scooter Bag

    Upgraded Design The CHICLEW Electric Scooter Bag is much better than a normal E-scooter storage bag. Normal scooter bags fasten with straps on the handlebars. This takes up useful space on the handlebars. The CHICLEW-designed e-scooter bag frees up the handlebars of your scooter. Making room for more scooter accessories. Quick Release There is a…