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Best Electric Scooter Accessories 2023

Electric Scooter Accessories

With electric scooters soon to be legal on UK roads, its time for those must-have electric scooter accessories.

Here are the essentials to help protect you, make you visible, and increase the enjoyment of your electric scooter.


It is not a question of if you should get a helmet… but rather which one you should get.

It’s not so much an electric scooter accessory, but more of a lifesaver.

Although there are no rules about wearing a helmet while riding an e-scooter in the UK, Riding without one is not recommended.

Make sure to get a proper one and don’t buy the cheapest option to avoid serious injuries.

And if you ride a fast e-scooter, a full-face helmet is the only way to go.

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A good set of lights are another crucial electric scooter accessory. Not only do they help you see where you are going, they help other road users see you too.

You want a set that includes a white or yellow forward-facing light, and a red rear-facing light.


E-scooters are designed to be folded up and taken inside when you reach your destination. But that might not always be possible. Sometimes you need to pop into a small shop where carrying a scooter around would be a nuisance.

You’re going to want a lock to keep your electric scooter secure. But be careful about which lock you choose.

You’ll want one that is strong and secure, designed to work with the L-shaped frame of a scooter.

It needs to close tighter than a conventional bike lock.

Carry Strap

Electric scooters are already convenient to carry, thanks to their folding design. But they can be heavy.

The shoulder strap makes the scooter easier to carry with extra support.

The Hand Strap Belt is excellent value for money and simple, comfortable design.

This strap uses a pair of generic clips to wrap around the front and rear wheels of your scooter, making it balanced for resting on your shoulder.

The strap can be adjusted from 1.1 to 1.6 metres in length, can carry up to 30kg of weight, and folds up when not in use.


Never ride without gloves. The hands will brace for impact in a fall, so, gloves are one of the must have electric scooter accessories.

For a slower scooter, max 15 mph (25 kph) thinner gloves like mountain bike gloves are ok.

For high speeds, motorcycle gloves are recommended.

It also helps keep you warm when riding cold temperatures.

Phone mount

A phone mount is one of the ultimate electric scooter accessories.

It allows you to hold your phone while riding. You can access navigation, and other apps or film your ride.

The bracket has four nylon support angles. ensuring that your mobile phone is firmly fixed to your electric scooter. whilst also preventing your mobile phone from getting scratched.

Full spec available here

Storage bag

One of the best electric scooter accessories is a storage bag. This can be used to carry your everyday items and also your charger. In case you need to recharge at your destination

Normal scooter bags fasten with straps on the handlebars. This takes up useful space on the handlebars.

The CHICLEW-designed e-scooter bag frees up the handlebars of your scooter. Making room for more scooter accessories.

and there’s a quick-release button to take the bag off with one click.

It has a large capacity of 2L This makes it easy to carry your belongings as you ride.

Full spec available here


A kickstand can help keep your scooter upright and stable when you need to park it.

Kickstand cover sock

You can also get kickstand rubber covers which stop the kickstand from scratching and rusting.

Also protecting your floor from scratches.

Full spec available here


One of the electric scooter accessories you cannot do without is a portable pump. A must-have for inflating your scooter’s tires if they go flat.


Many accidents happen when you are looking behind you.

Mirrors are one of the safest electric scooter accessories, you will turn a lot and you must check behind you before maneuvering.

Tyre Sealant

Riding on pneumatic tires will mean the inevitable puncture will happen. Flat tires are part of the game.

Tyre slime or tire sealant prevents this by sealing leaks when they appear.

Easy to carry with you and a definite must on longer rides.

Muc-Off Cleaner

It’s not one of the electric scooter accessories you immediately think of.

But, You will want to keep your pride and joy clean. Dirt will build up around the wheels, brakes, and under the footplate of your scooter.

You need a powerful cleaner to keep it in good condition and prevent any corrosion.

The industry-leading Muc-Off spray uses a ‘state-of-the-art Nano Tech formula to break down dirt and grime.

The solution is free from harmful acids, solvents, and CFCs. It is safe to use on all surfaces and components of your electric scooter.

Rinse your scooter with water, spray Muc-Off onto the entire scooter, leave for three to five minutes, agitate and rinse clean.