electric scooter with seat in the scenery

Best Electric scooter with seat

Argos electric scooters are very popular. Their Electric scooter range is constantly increasing.

Check out our list of the top 5 electric scooters for sale at Argos right now.

Best Electric scooter with seat

1. Adult electric scooter with seat

Razor PowerCore E300s

Max speed15 mph
Range40 min
Weight27.5 kg
Max load100 kg
Wheel size8″
Charge time
App availableNo

The Razor PowerCore E300s comes with a larger deck, frame and tyres for older teen and adult riders. The E300 is Razor’s speediest electric scooter. Traveling up to 15mph.

The environmentally-friendly electric power engages a chain-driven motor. The wide front and rear pneumatic tyres make it a comfortable and smooth ride.

Suitable for ages 13 years and up.

2. kids electric scooter with seat

Razor PowerCore E100s

Max speed18 kmh / 11mph
Weight15 kg
Max load54 kg
Wheel size
Charge time
App availableNo

Power up your ride with this versatile high-performance electric scooter. Get up to 60 minutes of continuous use on a single charge, thanks to the Power Core hub motor.

The padded seat is detachable for a comfortable seated or standing ride.

Powered by a 24V sealed lead acid battery system. The 100-watt high torque motor propels the scooter at speeds up to 11 mph (18 km/h) for 60 minutes of continuous ride time.

The Power Core technology delivers smooth, efficient acceleration while being maintenance-free.

Steel and aluminium construction stand up to rigorous use. Comes with a pneumatic front tyre, twist grip throttle, and hand-operated front brake.

Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

3. Off-road Electric scooter with a seat

iScooter iX5 Off Road Electric Scooter

iScooter iX5 Off Road Electric Scooter with seat
Max speed45 kmh / 28mph
Range40km / 24.8 miles
Weight25 kg
Max load150 kg
Wheel size10″
Charge time4-6 hours
App availableYes


The iScooter iX5 Off Road Electric Scooter has an 800W powerful motor. A 28mph max speed and a range of 25-28 miles, can conquer 35° hills with ease. and comes with a detachable seat.

The Handlebars and seat are adjustable. You can easily adjust them according to your height.

Wider 10” Off-road Air Tires:

The wider 10” pneumatic tyres, And deeper lines provide perfect anti-slip performance. perfect for off-road conditions.

The brakes are smooth and responsive. equipped with the front, rear & adjustable seat shock absorbers for all-round shock absorption. ready for those bumpy roads.

The electric scooter comes with wider platform for larger feet support. High lumen headlamp for safe night riding, and a clear LED display for relaxing riding.