Xiaomi 4 Pro Electric Scooter

Xiaomi 4 Pro


The Xiaomi 4 Pro Electric Scooter is by far the most powerful and comfortable scooter from Xiaomi. It has a top speed of 25kmp/h and a range of 55km.
Xiaomi 4 Pro


Max speed25 km/h
Range55 km
Weight17 kg
Max load120 kg
Wheel size10″
Charge time8-9 hours
App availableYes

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The 700-watt scooter has lots of power with a double disc brake.

It is one size bigger than previous models. The scooter has larger 10-inch tyres. The platform you stand on is 1.9 cm wider and the handlebars are 5.4cm wider. Making the Xiaomi 4 Pro more practical and comfortable.

Extremely practical to use

The Xiaomi Mi Pro 4 has everything the previous electric scooters had, but with a new look.

The self-sealing Xiaomi DuraGel tires are 10 inches in diameter. making your ride more pleasant due to the better suspension. These are the latest Tubeless tires with self-sealing gel, so you won’t get a flat tyre!

Despite its larger size, the Pro 4 is easy to fold up and take it with you in the back of your car or on the train.

It is made of aluminum, the scooter is very strong and lightweight. Xiaomi has improved the front and rear light brightness. Together with the many reflectors, this ensures the best visibility in the dark.

Power and range

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 4 has a maximum power of 700 watts and a top speed of 25 kmp/h. It can handle slopes of up to 20%. It’s ideal for anything from commuting to mountain climbing. The kinetic recuperative braking system (KERS) converts braking energy into energy for the battery. This allows you to drive a total of 55 kilometers with a full battery.

You can choose from three different gears on the display. The multifunction digital dashboard shows speed, speed mode, power, and lock..