Pure Advance Flex and Pure Advance Electric Scooter Release

Pure Advance rain IP65


Max speed25 kmp/h
Max load120kg
Wheel size10″
Charge timeVarious
App availableYes

Good points

  • Folding platforms
  • Centred stance
  • Water-resistant

Bad points

  • Expensive

Pure Advance Electric Scooter Range 2023 Release

The new Pure Advance Electric Scooter range has landed. A modern design, full of features

Pure Electric’s latest range of electric scooters. The Pure Advance, Pure Advance Plus, and Pure Advance Flex have been designed and engineered in the UK.

Throwing away the usual single-deck design. Pure’s new Advance scooters split the deck on either side of the chassis, to allow you to straddle the electric scooter. with one foot at each side. This gives you even weight distribution and greater control and handling. They look pretty good too.

Pure Advance Electric Scooter in scenery

First impressions

The new split deck gives riders a natural forward-facing position. Because the decks are on each side of the chassis, they are lower to the ground. This gives more control due to the lower centre of gravity, even weight distribution, and advanced safety.

The new design really stands out. It’s a more chunky design than we are used to, The aluminum body feels strong and well-built.

Pure Advance Electric Scooter in room

With the footpads lowered, the Electric scooter feels much wider than a regular E-scooter, which is good for stability. But the footpads are hinged and fold flat against the flanks of that hydroformed chassis for storage.

Teamed up with folding handlebars and a stem that folds and locks against the rear wheel, like the Pure Air range. it folds to a small size, weighing around 16kg.

Pure Advance Flex under desk

Taking it even further, the Pure Advance Flex model folds in half, so it can be stored under your desk, car boot, or in the train luggage racks.

Pures Innovative Advance Electric scooters also come with steering stabilization “Pure Control”. This uses a spring to return the steering column to a central position for greater steering control at lower speeds.

The Pure Advance range seems a world away from the Air range, but they are just a progression. Improving on the great technology from the Air range. and moving the Brand forward.

The ride and control have improved dramatically over the Air range, which was already pretty good.

The Advance’s front drum brake and rear regenerative brake create a very responsive breaking system.


The Pure Advance Electric Scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tyres, which make a good ride on most surfaces.

The whole range comes with 500W motors that deliver a peak power of 710W. The maximum range is quite good. There is 40km of range in the Advance and Advance Flex, while the Advance Plus has a larger battery that delivers up to 50km on a single charge. 

Pure Advance Electric Scooter in rain IP65

The Pure Advance Electric Scooters are all IP65-rated for dust and water resistance.

Pure Advance Electric Scooter brakes

There are left and right indicators on both ends of the handlebars and indicators that run the width of the footplates.

They have integrated front and brake lights – both on the rear of the chassis and in the rear of each foot pad. And Bluetooth connectivity gives remote locking capability.


The design is beautiful, Te forward-facing position is a game changer, and the folding mechanism of the Pure Advance flex is genius.

They have all the options required for a work commute or leisurely fun!

They are a little pricey, but they ooze quality.

  • Pure Advance Flex Electric scooter

    Pure Advance Flex Electric scooter

    Max Speed 25 kmp/h
    Range 40 km
    Motor 500w
    Weight 16 kg
    Max Load 120 kg
  • Pure Advance+ Electric scooter

    Pure Advance+ Electric scooter

    Max Speed 25 kmp/h
    Range 50 km
    Motor 500w
    Weight 16 kg
    Max Load 120 kg
  • Pure Advance Electric scooter

    Pure Advance Electric scooter

    Max Speed 25 kmp/h
    Range 40 km
    Motor 500w
    Weight 16 kg
    Max Load 120 kg