Pure Air Go Electric Scooter Review

Pure Air Go


Max speed25 kmp/h
Range20 km
Max load120kg
Wheel size10″
Charge time3.5 hours
App availableYes

Good points

  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Build Quality

Bad points

  • Heavy
  • Low range
  • No cruise control

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Pure Air Go electric scooter review


The Pure Air Go electric scooter is one of four electric scooters launched by Pure Electric.

Soon to be accompanied by 2 newer 2023 models, the Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex.

The entry-level Pure Air Go is Pure’s cheapest e-scooter in the range.

It’s designed for people who are new to electric scooters and want a low-power low-cost option.

This isn’t a powerful electric scooter with its 350W motor, like the other 2020 models. but not as powerful as the 500W 2021 additions to the range.

The battery isn’t huge, with a 20km range, and it lacks some premium features like a USB charging port.

However, this is still a good electric scooter. The maximum speed is 25kmph which is the scooter speed limit in the UK, where Pure Electric is based.

It has lots of features of other Pure scooters, like IP65 waterproofing, digital display, lights, and reflectors.

If you are new to electric scooters or have only tested them, we can recommend the Pure Air Go.

If your first scooter is for short trips now and then, but if you want the Go for a commuter, the short-range might be enough.

Be aware, the 20km range is the maximum if you’re driving in the scooter’s lowest-speed mode, at about 15kmph. Higher-speed settings will see half that distance before running out of charge.

Retailing at £349, the Pure Air Go’s closest rival is Xiaomi’s entry-level model, the Xiaomi 1S, which costs £399.

The cheaper Pure Air Go has a more powerful motor (350W vs 250W) and larger pneumatic tyres (10in vs 8.5in).

But it has a lower range (12.5 miles vs 18.6 miles).

If your budget allows the Pure Air – at £449 – is a great choice as with a 500W motor,

It has better acceleration, is great on hills, and has an 18.6-mile range.


The Pure Air Go doesn’t rewrite the rules of design, the Pure Air Go is identical to its cousins, the Pure Air, and the Pure Air Pro. The only way to tell them apart is by the name on the rear wheel mudguard.

The Pure Air Go’s deck has a rubber deck for a good grip. and it’s easy to get a good balance. thanks to the texture underfoot.

Underneath the deck is an easy-to-use kickstand and a charging port.

The Air Go is rated IP65 like Pure’s other scooters, which means good resistance against water and dust.

You can ride the vehicle in rain and through puddles, without worry.

The handlebar grips are sponge, which feels a little cheap compared to the rubber grips found on rival electric scooters

The Go has a large, retro-style headlight, which you can move around on the front of the handlebar and a brake light is fitted into the rear mudguard. The lights are activated from the control panel or through the smartphone app.

The 10″ wheels are filled with air and puncture-prevention fluid. They can stand up to some tough terrain and obstacles.

It’s great for heavy riders, with a maximum load of 120kg. 20kg more than other budget models, including the Xiaomi.

The Pure Air Go isn’t light at 16kg, though, so if you’re going to carry it around you may want to consider a lighter model. Like the Xiaomi 1S, which weighs a more manageable 12.5kg.

Mobile app

The Pure app unlocks a range of extra features. Before your first ride, there’s a quick guide to safety that provides some advice on riding.

These include the option to lock the scooter’s motor, and an indicator to see how much CO2 you’ve saved compared to using a car. There’s an option to see the remaining battery life as a percentage.

One feature the app lacks is the option to activate cruise control. This is missing completely from the Pure Air Go, which you’ll find on all the current Xiaomi e-scooters.

Comfort and performance

The Pure Air Go has three different modes:

  • Pedestrian (4mph),
  • Medium (12mph) and
  • Fast (15.5mph)

The final one lets you travel at the scooter’s max speed of 25kmph.

The scooter feels robust and delivers a smooth, comfortable ride in each setting.

The 10″ pneumatic tyres mean you rarely feel small bumps in the road. From road to footpath to grass, you won’t notice much of a difference.

Considering the Pure Air Go only has a 350W motor it feels powerful enough. With good acceleration and it didn’twon’t seemed to struggle on slight inclines.

You don’t have to kick off too much to get the scooter moving, either.

Riding the Air Go feels like a safe experience. The construction is robust so there are no shakes or rattles when you’re riding. The brakes are responsive.

On steeper hills, the Pure Air Go’s speed did drop off. That’s to be expected of its 350W motor, which doesn’t handle inclines like the 500W motor of the scooter’s siblings.